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General Information

To all volunteers and attendees: thank you for making the 2024 rally a memorable experience.


The 2024 rally will be held at the Beban Park Social Center. There is a significant amount of free parking. The doors for entry can be found opposite the doors that enter the hockey arena.


If you would like to purchase a copy of a speaker tape, please use the contact page.


Buy at RegistrationFull Package65.00 CAD(Registration + Banquet + Breakfast)
Buy at RegistrationRegistration + Banquet55.00 CAD(Registration + Banquet)
Buy at RegistrationRegistration + Breakfast35.00 CAD(Registration + Breakfast)
Buy at RegistrationWeekend Registration Only25.00 CAD(Registration Only for Jan 26, 27, 28th.)
Your will receive an email after completing your purchase. Please go to the registration table upon arrival at the event.